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New Clients - Identification Documents

Original Identification Documents (NO Photocopies please) & further verifications are required before we register your details with Tax Office as a New client.

1. Photo Identification
-Australian Drivers License with your current address  updated on it or Australian Passport or Australian Full Birth Certificate


-Australian Drivers License with your current address  updated on it AND Overseas Passport & Australian Visa stamped on it (For E-Visa holders, further verification may be required)

2. Bank Details
-All of the Current Bank Statement of the various account/s where you get your pay in  with your current Address updated on it.


-Details of the Bank  Account & Current Bank Account statement where you need your tax refund along with your current Address updated on it.


-Bank Debit Card showing your name on it.

3. Documents issued by Tax Office
- Original Copy of your Tax File Number


-Last year’s tax return or assessment notice from the ATO (If you do not have one or misplaced it please call us on 0422 388 191 for optional documents and further verifications)
4. Other Documents
- Medicare Card / Student ID etc.
- Relevant Payslips to match with your bank account transactions

Individual Tax Return Check List

When you come in to see us at tax time, please use the following as a checklist of things you need to bring with you:

  1. • Payment Summaries & relevant years Payslips (previously called Group Certificates).
  2. • Bank account details – BSB & Account Number so we can put refund directly into bank account
  3. • Any bank interest earned and bank statements from ALL the Bank Accounts
  4. • Any receipts for deductions of work related expenses

If you have a spouse and/ or children

  1.  If have a partner or spouse, their assessable taxable income & other details like Full Name, Date of Birth, Whether both of you were together in relevant financial year and details of Children and their dependency.

Need Medicare Levy / Medicare Levy Surcharge Exemption

 Private health fund letter, showing you had full year eligible Hospital Cover
 If not accessing government’s Medicare facilities / not yet eligible for Medicare card  (Contact us at 0422 388 191) then Letter from Medicare Australia - Medicare Levy Exemption Unit - showing your eligibility for Exemption. ( Need Separate Letter for exemption of each Financial Year)

Do you have an ABN/ Business? Are you working as a Contractor or having income through ABN

  1.  Total Income (You make total deposit which your payer has paid in your Bank Account & Cash Deposits you or others have made in your account with clarifications for each deposit transaction)
  2. - All of your Bank Statements from all of your bank accounts should be verified for all your Income, either in Australia or Overseas.

  3. If you are registered for GST and charging GST on your invoices then separately show GST charged from total amount received in your bank account

  4.  Expense Details & Tax Invoices (For Work)
  5. Please keep your expense records up to date and segregated (e.g. keep separate invoices for Petrol, Stationery, Telephone, Mobile etc.)

  6. If you are registered for GST then you need to further separate your expenses and keep records of GST mentioned on your claimable expenditure’s tax invoices (Tax Invoice is compulsory to claim GST)

  7. If you cannot provide us, your Accounting records, Financial Statements or Bank statements of your business for privacy or other reasons, you can declare your summarised business income, expenses and GST in the prescribed form of declaration along with other details. 

  8. Please refer this: Client Declaration of Income and Expense.

Do you have an investment property / Own a residential property & have rented it out?

  1.  Cost of Purchasing Rental investment property, Date of Contract & Settlement, Conveyances Statement  & Stamp Duty Details
  2.  Rental income – Real Estate/ Rental agents statements, (If rented for part year then, Date of contract made with property agent/ Date when property advertised for rent & Date property first started rental Income). 
  3.  Receipts for any investment property expenses (rates, insurance etc)
  4.  Interest on money borrowed to purchase an investment property (Original Bank Statement/s required for Full Financial Year)
  5.  Depreciation Schedule by registered & qualified quantity surveyor

Do you have Shares/ Managed investments or Sold Investment Property / Capital gain?

  1.  If sold investment property, all records of purchase and sale
  2.  If sold shares need all purchase & sale details
  3.  Trust, managed funds annual statement
  4.  Shares information – dividend statement

Do you have a Centrelink Payments?

  1. • Child support payments
  2.  Centrelink statement – if you have received any Centrelink payments e.g. Pensions, Newstart or Youth Allowance (NOT for family tax benefit /FTB A & FTB B as they are exempted)